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LION HOSTEL is located in a restored nineteenth - century building, which years ago housed the famous Hotel Pod Lion.

Before the summer is a vibrant place, with a good kitchen and great - even in the period after the Second World War - music band. Organized in "lewku" carnival balls, charitable tudzież the usual fun enjoyed great success.

The building was erected in 1906. and immediately became a meeting place for the wealthiest przedstaHistoria-Lion-Hostelwicieli Kujawy area. In the interwar under local wolanty and carriages drove up with Kujawska elite, au of visitors, greeted the beautiful oleanders.History-Lion-Hostel

On a small stage, staged vaudeville and other performances. The PRL in the restaurant held Popul
AD dancing, and stopped wealthy hotel guests.

Decorate the front of the facade from the end of the nineteenth century, and similar motives can be seen on the facades of other houses Inowrocław. These stucco done in Inowroclaw plant stucco and plaster casts were applied to the pad of cloth. Products from this factory were of very good quality.

Once the hotel is not called "Under the Lion" and "Daniel". It was only after 1918 the hotel was renamed to "Under the Lion" due to the form of a lion placed in the lintel entrance. In the 20-ies breaking placed to the flight of an eagle - a symbol of nascent freedom.

Source: Gazeta Pomorska of 17 February 2001 article entitled "Podzwonne for Lewka"