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ABC-Z, Johnny's Journey, Australia

Bringing you bits and pieces about your favourite idols.

While A.B.C-Z will go down in history as the first Johnny's group to make a DVD debut, they are now struggling to keep sales up, reports Cyzowoman.

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Johnny's Junior

•A.B.C-Z Anniversary 2/01/2012

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Johnny's group A.B.C-Z to debut next year?

Wakamono Exchange

ʀᴇɴᴀ🌺Next→NEWS 7/1東京、A.B.C-Z 8/1



Since Ryu and Koki didn't leave the company in the nicest way, my theory is that JE is holding that against their brothers.

Johnnys JE

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Recently added uchiwa from Sexy Zone Japan Tour 2013, Sexy Zone Johnny's World at Tokyo

which later i realized that the Kamisen members are shorter than all Tonisen members. i don't have so much things to do.... =P


This year we can finally watch the Johnny's Countdown 2018-2019 together on a TV (Hi HQ, how are you?) so we're streaming our reaction live to it!

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What colors member do you like?

Taking it one step further than G=AGE, all of the members of ANTIME are ex- Johnny's ...

Bringing you bits and pieces about your favourite idols.

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Johnny's & Associates 30 day challenge day 11

This Year in Johnny's Love Scandals

Johnny's & Associates president Johnny Kitagawa announced the formation of a new group on September 5, reports Asahi Shimbun and Chunichi Sports.

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Johnny's Junior

Recently added Arashi uchiwa from Love and Beautiful World.

Two groups from Johnny's Jr. ...

[1987.10.20] Happy 30th birthday Fumito Kawai . Padahal kemarin ulang tahunnya Fumi

Japan trip 2012 - day 9 ~ Playzone 2012 + Johnny's Dome Theatre SUMMARY A.B.C-Z : hakucchan ?

Here's a gif of them when they were still Johnny's Jrs.!

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Yeaaayyyy this best collaboration A.B.C-Z and ACT Theater Akasaka. #abcz #hasshi

A.B.C-Z recently lifted the curtain on their special stage, "ABC Theater - Tokyo Triumphant Return Performance" at the massive gathering of Johnny's talents ...

MONSTERS 7-11 Clearfile Set

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The world needs more A.B.C-Z - Hakuchan ?

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... Japanese boybands outside of Johnny's Entertainment! These are of course my favourite groups and not neccessarily the "best" groups so be prepared for a ...

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With the exception of King and Prince at 12pm, A.B.C-Z, Johnnys West and Sexy Zone at 2pm. #JohnnysJimusho #Johnnys #HeySayJUMP #MUSICSTATIONウルトラFES ...

My answer: I don't really like Uchi Hiroki. I'm not sure why, but something about him just doesn't sit well with me. His face bugs me and I tune out when he ...

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Recent thoughts about Johnny's

21 J-pop + johnny's entertainment playlists

Yuya Takaki, Yuri Chinen, Johnny's Journey, France

Johnnys Entertaiment

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Sexy Zone was the first Japanese boy group that I became interested in, actually. I discovered them while watching J-MELO (an international TV show about ...


... 1 Day until Tottsu's birthday~ * * #abcz #abc_z #戸塚祥太

With the exception of King and Prince at 12pm, A.B.C-Z, Johnnys West and Sexy Zone at 2pm. #JohnnysJimusho #Johnnys #HeySayJUMP #MUSICSTATIONウルトラFES ...

... 4 Days until Ebi's formation anniversary and JOY's release~ * * #abcz #abc_z

Toma Ikuta ❤

Johnny Kitagawa appoints Takizawa Hideki as successor of Johnny's & Associates?

diary of a forgetful fangirl

[Pre-order] Countdown 2017-2018 Jumbo Uchiwa


A.B.C-Z Phone Wallpaper Original scans: yoshiko-mama@lj


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Se você acompanha música japonesa (j-pop), provavelmente já teve ter ouvido falar sobre o império fonográfico da Johnny & Associates (Johnny's).

... 3 Days until Goseki's birthday~ * * #abcz #abc_z #五関晃一

Thousands of them! i'll put some of the JR photos here.

×SexyZone 全員 アレンジ入り Kpop, Japanese Guys, Sexy, Rose, Celebrities,


Johnny's Countdown

Tackey, Johnny's Journey, South America

Arashi-Wild at Heart preview

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Bringing you bits and pieces about your favourite idols.

Toma Ikuta ❤

I miss this Tottsu hair. Hmmm make me miss him in Hyakushiki 😘😘😘

... 17 กันยายนนี้ โดยวงที่เข้าร่วมได้แก่ Arashi, A.B.C-Z, KAT-TUN, Kanjani 8, Kis-My-Ft2, King & Prince, Sexy Zone, Johnny's WEST, NEWS, V6 และ Hey! Say!

A.B.C-Z The Movie (Just kidding) #abcz #Tottsu #hasshi #

These aren't cute… They're too cute. Rigt?

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ryo nishikido from

JE Otoko Groups!


Johnny & Associates

Taiga's graduation photo~ #kyomototaiga #taiga #johnnys #johnnysjr #johnnysentertainment #bakaleya6

HiHi Jets

shounentai group


C O S M I C 🌟 U N I C O R N ( @miakawai )


A.B.C-Z ออกซิงเกิลที่ 5 "JOY shitai kimochi" และ แผ่นบันทึกการแสดง"A.B.C Za Johnny's Densetsu 2017" วันที่ 29 สิงหาคมนี้